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Lica here.
Kim Minseok sums up
all of my ultimate boy biases' names.
Kim Minseok | Kim Mingyu | Kim Seokjin
see? kkk.
Lee Yooyoung is my girlfriend ok.

[PROFILE] Hansol Vernon Chwe
Name: Name: Hansol Vernon Chwe / 최한솔 / チェ・ハンソル 
Birth date : 98.02.18
Blood Type: A
Hansol is a 14 year old half-American and half-Korean boy. He has a unique sense of humor and he sees things in a different way. He is interested in fashion and owns quite a lot of hats. He might seem like a cynical boy due to his bluey eyes but you can see that he is such a warm-hearted boy as his recent biggest worry was the fact that Soonyoung caught a cold. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to become an artist  that would make people happy.
- Song that describes me: Kendrick Lamar-now or never
: It’s a song that makes me keep going
Source 17 Official Facebook

bloingshitup replied to your post: so i was just searching for some roleplayers in…

Omg wtf that looks just like AFF. Why are people on AFF still doing role play shops when this exists :o

idk. it’s either it’s their choice to rp there or they don’t know this site yet~

so i was just searching for some roleplayers in google when i found this site.

okay. i’m done with this site OTL


Is that Xiumin sleeveless? Because I’m about to fall off the face of the fucking earth.


Look at him

  • Police officer: Anything you say will be held against you
  • Me: Kim Minseok
  • autumnseeds:

    why am i not one of those bloggers that attracts millions of anons every day? 

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    a moment of recognition for those ships you shipped before you knew what shipping was




omg love thiss!!!